St Bernard’s church is equipped with modern audiovisual equipment to enhance the participation of the faithful in the worship of God.


Turn AV System On/Off

Turn the system on/off at the power point at the bottom-right of the AV box in the sacristy corridor.



The projector is located in the main part of the church and projects its image onto the wall above the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To operate the projector, you will need the projector remote and the HDMI switch remote. These remotes can be found in the draw to the right of the mirrored-cupboard in the center of the sacristy bench.

Once the AV system has been turned on, plug your computer into one of the two HDMI inputs (Sacristy Corridor or Choir Loft).

Next, turn on the projector (located in the church) by depressing the green power button on the projector remote.

Change the projector’s video source using the smaller HDMI remote:

Video source 1 : ‘Hallway’ for sacristy corridor HDMI input.
Video Source 2 : ‘Balcony’ for choir loft HDMI input.

Turn the projector off by depressing the green power button on the projector remote twice.


AUX (3.5mm) audio input

St Bernard’s AV system is equipped with two AUX 3.5mm audio jack inputs. Both are located in the sacristy corridor unit. One is located on the CD player and the other is located on the mixer unit.



St Bernard’s AV system is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. To pair your device, depress the ‘Pair’ button on the Bluetooth unit in the sacristy corridor for approx. 3 seconds. Open the Bluetooth function on your device. Then, select ‘AUDAC Pre Series’ on your device. Volume can be adjusted on your device or by using the mixer channel under the Bluetooth ‘Pair’ button.


CD player

The CD player is the topmost component in the sacristy corridor unit. It turns on with the AV system. CD, USB or SD cards can be played through the CD player. It also has an AUX input. The CD player volume is adjusted on the mixer’s CD channel.



The choir loft is equipped with a new (2021) Johannus Studio 170 organ, supported by an external amplifier. 

There is a Yamaha Electone organ on the main floor of the church.


Wireless Microphones

St Bernard’s is equipped with two wireless handheld Sennheiser microphones for use by readers or vocalists. To turn them on, simply hold down the grey button on the end of the microphone.

St Bernard’s is also equipped with a lapel microphone that is used by the priest.


Audio and Microphone inputs

IMPORTANT: Ensure AV system is turned OFF while plugging in any audio cables.

The following audio inputs are located in the choir loft:

x1 Organ/Keyboard XLR input (inside the choir loft rack)
x1 MIC XLR input for Choir Microphone
x1 HDMI input for Computer (select ‘Input 2 Balcony’on HDMI remote selector)

The following inputs are located downstairs near the organ:

x1 Organ/Keyboard XLR input
x1 MIC XLR input